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01.02.2018_No23 / News in Brief

Hot Functional Testing Complete At China’s Sanmen-2 AP1000 Reactor

The Sanmen nuclear station in China. Photo courtesy Sanmen Nuclear Power Company.

1 Feb (NucNet): Hot functional testing has been completed at the 1,000-MW Sanmen-2 nuclear power unit under construction in Zhejiang province, eastern China, project developer State Nuclear Power Technology Company (SNPTC) said in a statement.

01.02.2018_No23 / News in Brief

France Has Comprehensive Commitment To Waste Management, Says IAEA

1 Feb (NucNet): France has demonstrated “a comprehensive commitment” to nuclear safety with a responsible approach to the management of radioactive waste and spent nuclear fuel, an International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) team of experts said.

31.01.2018_No22 / News in Brief

Europe Needs Nuclear For Climate Change And Energy Security, Says Foratom DG

31 Jan (NucNet): Nuclear energy contributes to the European Union’s three key energy objectives laid out in the bloc’s energy union initiative of security of supply, competitiveness and environmental sustainability, Yves Desbazeille, director-general of industry group Foratom, told journalists in Brussels on 29 January 2018.

31.01.2018_No22 / News in Brief

Breakthrough As Petten Becomes First Mo-99 Production Facility In Europe To Stop Using HEU In Medical Isotope Production

Isotope production at the HFR research reactor at Petten in the Netherlands. Photo courtesy NRG.

31 Jan (NucNet): NRG, the world’s largest producer of medical isotopes, said its molybdenum production facility (MPF) has become the first in Europe to stop using high-enriched uranium (HEU) in the production process.

30.01.2018_No21 / News in Brief

Le Creusot Forge Problems ‘Are Now Behind Us’, Says French Regulator

30 Jan (NucNet): A review of manufacturing irregularities at Le Creusot forge, which manufactures components for nuclear power plants, has been “properly performed” under the supervision of Framatome and EDF and is expected to be completed by the end of the year, the president of the French regulator ASN said.

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04.12.2017 / Announcement

Infographic: Radioactive Waste In Numbers

Subscribers can read the story and download the graphic: 

07.08.2017 / Announcement

Infographic: Can India Maintain Its Ambitious Push For New Nuclear?

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29.03.2017 / Announcement

Infographic: South Korea’s Kepco In Talks To Join UK’s ‘Race’ For New Nuclear

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16.03.2017 / Announcement

As South Africa Prepares For New Build, The Question Is: How Much Will It Cost?

Critics of nuclear energy argue that South Africa’s plans to build up to 9,600 MW of new nuclear are too expensive for a country where the economy is fragile and political turbulence is worrying investors. Supporters say the levelised cost for nuclear is in the same range as other forms of energy and that South Africa is already losing money through power outages and slowed industrial growth. In this special report for subscribers, NucNet looks at the arguments on both sides, and at the possibility that site work on the multi-billion-dollar project could begin next year. Full story:

16.02.2017 / Announcement

Infographic: China's Nuclear Energy Industry In Numbers

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