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04.10.2018_No197 / News in Brief

Olkiluoto-3 Commissioning Tests Not Going To Schedule, Says TVO

The Olkiluoto-3 EPR unit under construction in Finland. File photo courtesy TVO.

4 Oct (NucNet): Commissioning tests at the Olkiluoto-3 nuclear unit under construction in Finland have not been progressing in line with an updated schedule issued by plant supplier Areva-Siemens in June, nuclear operator Teollisuuden Voima Oyj said in a statement to the stock exchange on 3 October 2018.

03.10.2018_No196 / News in Brief

Flamanville Weldings May Need More Repairs Than Originally Thought, Says Regulator

The Flamanville-3 EPR nuclear unit under construction in France. Courtesy EDF Médiathèque/Alexis Morin/Antoine Soubigou

3 Oct (NucNet): Faulty weldings at the Flamanville-3 EPR being built by state-controlled utility EDF in Normandy, northern France, may need more repairs than originally estimated and EDF will have to carry out a quality audit of materials it is using for the plant, nuclear regulator ASN said in a statement today.

02.10.2018_No195 / News in Brief

Supreme Court Rejects Industry’s Plea To Hear Grand Canyon Uranium Mining Case

2 Oct (NucNet): The US Supreme Court yesterday said it would not hear a case challenging the government’s ban on uranium mining in the Grand Canyon.

02.10.2018_No195 / News in Brief

Fuel Loading Begins Of Second Floating Nuclear Station Reactor, Says Russia

The Akademik Lomonosov floating nuclear power station in Murmansk. Photo courtesy Rosatom.

2 Oct (NucNet): Russia has begun loading fuel into the second of two nuclear reactor units on the floating nuclear power station Akademik Lomonosov, state nuclear corporation Rosatom said.

01.10.2018_No194 / News in Brief

Trump Signs Legislation That Will ‘Speed Up Development Of Advanced Reactors’

US president Donald Trump. Photo: Michael Vadon/Wikipedia.

1 Oct (NucNet): President Donald Trump signed into law new legislation that will speed up the development of advanced reactors in the US, the Department of Energy said on 28 September 2018.

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02.07.2018 / Announcement

Infographic: US Faces Up To Realities Of A Struggling Nuclear Energy Industry

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02.07.2018 / Announcement

Infographic: Nuclear Energy In Russia

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04.12.2017 / Announcement

Infographic: Radioactive Waste In Numbers

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07.08.2017 / Announcement

Infographic: Can India Maintain Its Ambitious Push For New Nuclear?

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29.03.2017 / Announcement

Infographic: South Korea’s Kepco In Talks To Join UK’s ‘Race’ For New Nuclear

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