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16.05.2018_No96 / News in Brief

Japan Announces Ambitious Plans For 20%-22% Nuclear Share By 2030

The Ohi nuclear power station in Japan.

16 May (NucNet): Japan’s government is committed to nuclear power accounting for at least one-fifth of the nation’s electricity supply in fiscal year 2030, calling it an “important baseload energy source”, according to a draft proposal.

15.05.2018_No95 / News in Brief

IAEA Mission Reviews Afghanistan’s Cancer Care Needs

15 May (NucNet): The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has conducted its first assessment of Afghanistan’s cancer care needs, a statement by the agency said.

14.05.2018_No94 / News in Brief

Bulgaria Mulls Reviving Stalled Belene Project As China Confirms Investment Interest

14 May (NucNet): State-owned China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) has confirmed its interest in investing in Bulgaria’s stalled two-unit Belene nuclear power project, a statement by the Bulgarian energy ministry said.

11.05.2018_No93 / News in Brief

UK Regulator To Prosecute Sellafield Over Employee Exposure

11 May (NucNet): The UK’s nuclear regulator is prosecuting the company responsible for the remediation of the Sellafield nuclear site in northwest England after an employee was exposed to dangerous levels of radiation.

10.05.2018_No92 / News in Brief

Perry Urges Saudi Arabia To Sign Nuclear Agreement With US

10 May (NucNet): US energy Secretary Rick Perry has urged Saudi Arabia to sign a nuclear energy agreement with the US, warning the oil-rich kingdom that it risks missing out on an opportunity to show its commitment to using nuclear power responsibly.

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04.12.2017 / Announcement

Infographic: Radioactive Waste In Numbers

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07.08.2017 / Announcement

Infographic: Can India Maintain Its Ambitious Push For New Nuclear?

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29.03.2017 / Announcement

Infographic: South Korea’s Kepco In Talks To Join UK’s ‘Race’ For New Nuclear

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16.03.2017 / Announcement

As South Africa Prepares For New Build, The Question Is: How Much Will It Cost?

Critics of nuclear energy argue that South Africa’s plans to build up to 9,600 MW of new nuclear are too expensive for a country where the economy is fragile and political turbulence is worrying investors. Supporters say the levelised cost for nuclear is in the same range as other forms of energy and that South Africa is already losing money through power outages and slowed industrial growth. In this special report for subscribers, NucNet looks at the arguments on both sides, and at the possibility that site work on the multi-billion-dollar project could begin next year. Full story:

16.02.2017 / Announcement

Infographic: China's Nuclear Energy Industry In Numbers

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