19.01.2017_No14 / News in Brief

Angra-3 Completion Depends On Tariff Agreement, Says Eletrobras Eletronuclear President

Angra-3 construction site ©Electrobras

19 Jan (NucNet): Construction of the Angra-3 nuclear power reactor in Brazil could resume in the second half of 2018 as long as an agreement is reached to increase the tariff for energy generated by the plant from around 222.18 Brazilian reals (BRL) (€64, $69) per MWh, which is below the BRL 224 per MWh paid for electricity generated by Angra-1 and Angra-2, the president of nuclear operator Eletrobras Eletronuclear said.

18.01.2017_No13 / News in Brief

Cameco To Cut 120 Jobs At McArthur River, Cigar Lake And Key Lake

The McArthur River uranium mine in northern Saskatchewan. Photo courtesy Cameco.

18 Jan (NucNet): Cameco plans to continue its cost-cutting programme by eliminating about 120 jobs from its McArthur River, Cigar Lake and Key Lake operations in northern Saskatchewan.

18.01.2017_No13 / News in Brief

Official Figures Show China Aiming For 16.5% Year-On-Year Nuclear Growth

17.01.2017_No12 / News in Brief

France Faces Challenges Finding Reliable Replacement For Nuclear, Says IEA

17 Jan (NucNet): The lack of alternative low-carbon energy sources that are as reliable as nuclear means France’s “ambitious” plans to reduce its share of nuclear from 78% in 2015 to 50% by 2025 might not be achievable, the International Energy Agency (IEA) said today.

16.01.2017_No11 / News in Brief

Russia Has Resumed Preparations For Turkey Nuclear Plant Construction, Says Rosatom

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24.11.2016 / Announcement

How UK Is Preparing For Major Push Towards World’s First SMR

The British government is preparing to publish a roadmap that could kick-start the process of developing a “best value” small modular reactor and putting it into commercial operation by the end of the next decade. In this special report, NucNet looks at the reality of SMR development – and at possible obstacles to eventual deployment. Full story online for subscribers: http://bit.ly/2fVrUwX

14.10.2016 / Announcement

EU’s Economic And Social Committee Criticises EC Over ‘Pinc Failure’

The European Commission’s Illustrative Programme for Nuclear Energy, or Pinc, has failed to address key issues for nuclear and instead had become “sidetracked by renewables”, the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) said. In an interview with NucNet, EESC member Brian Curtis called for a more comprehensive strategy to be incorporated in a revised version of the Pinc. He said the EESC had expected a detailed, systematic analysis of the issues facing the nuclear sector in Europe. The interview is online for subscribers: http://bit.ly/2dZAFSp

20.09.2016 / Announcement

Putin Lends A Hand As Rosatom Goes On International Offensive

20 Sep (NucNet): Russian president Vladimir Putin has been lobbying the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) on behalf of state nuclear corporation Rosatom. In a special report for subscribers, NucNet looks at the reasons behind Putin’s charm offensive and the possibilities for Rosatom as it sets its sights on overseas markets, not only in Asean, but also in Europe. Full report: http://bit.ly/2cYNQnZ

04.08.2016 / Announcement

After €620M Arbitration Ruling, What Next For Bulgaria’s Belene Nuclear Project?

The only certainty surrounding the Belene nuclear project in Bulgaria is that its future remains uncertain. In this special report for NucNet subscribers, Kamen Kraev looks at the options: http://bit.ly/2aruHNx

28.06.2016 / Announcement

Interview: 'Do Not Follow Germany Down Phaseout Path'

If combatting climate change is to be a priority the world will need nuclear as part of its energy mix and must not follow Germany down a phaseout path that is “irrational” and did not take account of the evidence that showed the country’s nuclear stations were safe, the president of the German Atomic Forum (DAtF) told NucNet. The full interview is online for NucNet Subscribers: http://bit.ly/28XVgoq