30.09.2016_No194 / News in Brief

Hinkley Cost Is ‘Within Range’ Of Other Technologies, Says Gov’t Assessment

29.09.2016_No54 / News

Go-Ahead For Hinkley Point As Key Contractual Documents Are Signed In London

A computer generated image of Hinkley Point C. Courtesy EDF.

29 Sep (NucNet): Government ministers and officials from the UK, France and China have attended a signing ceremony giving the final go-ahead for Hinkley Point C – the first new nuclear power station to be built in the UK for a generation.

29.09.2016_No193 / News in Brief

SMRs Could Deliver Low-Carbon Heat To Cities, Says UK Report

28.09.2016_No192 / News in Brief

2015 Nuclear Growth Driven Primarily By Asia, Says EIA

27.09.2016_No53 / News

Median Cost For Nuclear Is Lowest Among Technologies In IAEA Survey

Construction at the new Barakah nuclear station in the United Arab Emirates.

27 Sep (NucNet): The median cost for building new nuclear power plants is the lowest among energy technologies – including renewables such as wind and solar – surveyed in a report published today by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

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20.09.2016 / Announcement

Putin Lends A Hand As Rosatom Goes On International Offensive

20 Sep (NucNet): Russian president Vladimir Putin has been lobbying the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) on behalf of state nuclear corporation Rosatom. In a special report for subscribers, NucNet looks at the reasons behind Putin’s charm offensive and the possibilities for Rosatom as it sets its sights on overseas markets, not only in Asean, but also in Europe. Full report: http://bit.ly/2cYNQnZ

04.08.2016 / Announcement

After €620M Arbitration Ruling, What Next For Bulgaria’s Belene Nuclear Project?

The only certainty surrounding the project is that its future remains uncertain. In this special report for NucNet subscribers, Kamen Kraev looks at the options: http://bit.ly/2aruHNx

28.06.2016 / Announcement

Interview: 'Do Not Follow Germany Down Phaseout Path'

If combatting climate change is to be a priority the world will need nuclear as part of its energy mix and must not follow Germany down a phaseout path that is “irrational” and did not take account of the evidence that showed the country’s nuclear stations were safe, the president of the German Atomic Forum (DAtF) told NucNet. The full interview is online for NucNet Subscribers: http://bit.ly/28XVgoq

20.05.2016 / Announcement

Special Report: Finland’s Hanhikivi-1

Minna Forsstrom, Fennovoima’s project director for the Hanhikivi-1 nuclear project in Finland, speaks to NucNet about progress at the site, cooperation with Russia, and the possibility of a second unit. Full story for subscribers: http://bit.ly/1U19HcU

20.04.2016 / Announcement

Tepco On Fukushima

There were three main inefficiencies – poor safety consciousness, insufficient technical capabilities and poor communication – that contributed to the accident at Fukushima-Daiichi, Takafumi Ihara, nuclear power programme manager at Tepco’s London office, tells NucNet. Full story for subscribers: http://bit.ly/1SsudTm