22.07.2016_No144 / News in Brief

EDF Calls Meeting Next Week To Make Hinkley Point Investment Decision

21.07.2016_No143 / News in Brief

European Commission Opens State-Aid Investigation Into Areva Restructuring

21.07.2016_No143 / News in Brief

French Parliament Passes Law On Procedures For Cigéo Repository

20.07.2016_No142 / News in Brief

UK Could Leave EU Without Withdrawing From Euratom, Says Brussels Law Firm

20 Jul (NucNet): The Euratom Community has a separate legal personality from the European Union and is governed by a separate treaty and separate exit mechanism, making it possible that the UK could leave the EU without simultaneously withdrawing from Euratom, an article published in The National Law Review says.

19.07.2016_No141 / News in Brief

Council Approves Expansion Of UK’s Drigg Low-Level Waste Repository

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28.06.2016 / Announcement

Interview: 'Do Not Follow Germany Down Phaseout Path'

If combatting climate change is to be a priority the world will need nuclear as part of its energy mix and must not follow Germany down a phaseout path that is “irrational” and did not take account of the evidence that showed the country’s nuclear stations were safe, the president of the German Atomic Forum (DAtF) told NucNet. The full interview is online for NucNet Subscribers: http://bit.ly/28XVgoq

20.05.2016 / Announcement

Special Report: Finland’s Hanhikivi-1

Minna Forsstrom, Fennovoima’s project director for the Hanhikivi-1 nuclear project in Finland, speaks to NucNet about progress at the site, cooperation with Russia, and the possibility of a second unit. Full story for subscribers: http://bit.ly/1U19HcU

20.04.2016 / Announcement

Tepco On Fukushima

There were three main inefficiencies – poor safety consciousness, insufficient technical capabilities and poor communication – that contributed to the accident at Fukushima-Daiichi, Takafumi Ihara, nuclear power programme manager at Tepco’s London office, tells NucNet. Full story for subscribers: http://bit.ly/1SsudTm

06.03.2016 / Announcement

Online Now: World Nuclear Map

NucNet’s users can now access the Nuclearplanet world nuclear map direct from the NucNet home page (or from the 'Using This Site' page).
> Click here to open the Nuclearplanet world nuclear map in a new window.

21.01.2016 / Announcement

Country Report: Progressive Finland Remains On Track With Nuclear Projects

NucNet has published a special report examining Finland’s plans to build its sixth nuclear power generation unit at Hanhikivi and looking at progress with nuclear waste management company Posiva’s construction of a final disposal facility for spent nuclear fuel. The report, which outlines the country’s significant progress, is online for subscribers: http://bit.ly/20giri4