01.09.2014_No270 / News in Brief

New Startup Date For Olkiluoto-3 Is 2018, Areva Announces

Olkiluoto-3 nuclear unit in Finland (Source: TVO)

1 Sep (NucNet): Construction of the Olkiluoto-3 nuclear reactor in Finland will be completed in mid-2016 with commissioning starting at the same time and commercial operation now scheduled for 2018, putting the reactor about nine years behind its original schedule, Areva said today.

29.08.2014_No35 / World Nuclear Review

Concrete Basemat Complete For Iter Tokamak Complex

ITER Tokomak basemat concrete pouring (Source: ITER)

29 Aug (NucNet): The concrete basemat has been completed for the Tokamak complex of the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (Iter) fusion reactor project under construction at Cadarache in southern France.

29.08.2014_No35 / World Nuclear Review

First Indigenous RPV Lifted Into Place At Sanmen-2

The RPV being lifted into place at Sanmen-2.

29 Aug (NucNet): The reactor pressure vessel has been lifted into position at the Sanmen-2 AP1000 reactor, marking the start of the installation phase of the unit, project operator China National Nuclear Corporation said.

28.08.2014_No269 / News in Brief

Hitachi-GE ABWR Completes Initial Stage Of UK Design Assessment

28 Aug (NucNet): The UK’s joint nuclear regulators have completed their initial high level assessment of Hitachi-GE’s UK advanced boiling water reactor (ABWR) nuclear power plant design, with the process now due to progress to its next, more detailed stage.

28.08.2014_No267 / News in Brief

Westinghouse Targets ‘Shovels In Ground’ For UK New Build

Westinghouse chief executive officer Danny Roderick.

28 Aug (NucNet): There will be “shovels in the ground” within three to four years for three new AP1000 reactors in the UK, as well as new units in China and Bulgaria, Westinghouse chief executive officer Danny Roderick has told NucNet.

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17.03.2014 / NucNet Special Report

The Cost of a Nuclear Power Plant

How much does it cost to build a nuclear power plant? The financing of new nuclear is complex and it can be difficult to pin down a precise cost. In this NucNet special report, Lubomir Mitev looks at the way costs are calculated and why there are differences between various business models.

Click here to download a copy of the report.

06.07.2012 / Publication Announcement

NucNet Fukushima-Daiichi Fact File No 3: Summary of NAIIC Report

NucNet has published a summary of the report published by the National Diet of Japan’s Fukushima Nuclear Accident Independent Investigation Commission (NAIIC).

07.03.2012 / Publication Announcement

NucNet Fukushima-Daiichi Fact File No 2: Links To Source Material

NucNet has published an updated fact file with links to source material used in reporting the March 2011 accident at Fukushima-Daiichi and subsequent developments.

07.03.2012 / Publication Announcement

NucNet Fukushima-Daiichi Fact File No 1: Radiation and Emissions

NucNet has published an updated fact file detailing the levels and impact of emissions and radiation in Japan following the accident at Fukushima-Daiichi in March 2011.