18.02.2019_No34 / News in Brief

Nuclear Will Continue To Grow, But Less Rapidly, Says BP Energy Outlook

The Flamanville-3 nuclear power plant, which is nearing completion in northern France. Photo courtesy EDF.

18 Feb (NucNet): Nuclear generation will continue to grow until 2040, although less rapidly than overall power generation, with its share of overall power generation declining, the latest edition of BP’s Energy Outlook report says.

15.02.2019_No33 / News in Brief

European Financing Initiative Should Not Exclude Nuclear, Says Foratom

15 Feb (NucNet): A European initiative which covers the financing of investments based on environmental, social and governance considerations should refer to low-carbon technologies as a whole to bring it in line with the European Commission’s belief that Europe’s 2050 carbon-free power system will be composed of two low-carbon sources: renewables and nuclear, Brussels-based industry group Foratom has said.

15.02.2019_No33 / News in Brief

Russia’s Nuclear Fleet Generated 2.9 TWh More Than Targeted In 2018, Says Rosenergoatom

The Leningrad 2 nuclear power station in Russia. Photo courtesy Rosenergoatom.

15 Feb (NucNet): Russian nuclear power plants generated 204.3 TWh (gross) of electricity in 2018, 2.9 TWh more than targeted because maintenance, servicing and repair work was “optimised”, nuclear operator Rosenergoatom has said.

14.02.2019_No32 / News in Brief

May Says Hitachi Wants To Continue Discussions On Wylfa Newydd

A computer-generated image of the Wylfa Newydd nuclear station in north Wales. Photo courtesy Horizon.

14 Feb (NucNet): Hitachi has made clear it wants to continue discussions on building new nuclear at Wylfa Newydd in north Wales and the government will support those discussions, prime minister Theresa May has said.

13.02.2019_No31 / News in Brief

Nuclear Executives Ask Trump For Help Winning New-Build Contracts

13 Feb (NucNet): US nuclear energy developers met president Donald Trump yesterday and asked for help winning contracts to build power plants in the Middle East and elsewhere overseas, media reports said.

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02.07.2018 / Announcement

Infographic: US Faces Up To Realities Of A Struggling Nuclear Energy Industry

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02.07.2018 / Announcement

Infographic: Nuclear Energy In Russia

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04.12.2017 / Announcement

Infographic: Radioactive Waste In Numbers

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07.08.2017 / Announcement

Infographic: Can India Maintain Its Ambitious Push For New Nuclear?

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29.03.2017 / Announcement

Infographic: South Korea’s Kepco In Talks To Join UK’s ‘Race’ For New Nuclear

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