A Unique News and Information Network

NucNet is an independent global news and information network for the international nuclear community.

NucNet maintains a 24-hour-7-day service to report the facts behind nuclear-related news. NucNet collects and shares information and news on nuclear issues, particularly all aspects of the safe operation of nuclear installations and the safe use of ionising radiation.

NucNet was created in 1990 with the support of the European Nuclear Society (ENS) as a response to the growing need for both accurate and rapid information about nuclear energy. The aim was the same then as it is today: to focus on the facts behind real issues.

With Members Around the World

NucNet has evolved from an ENS service focused on Europe into a Europe-based, globally acting, independent non-profit association. Today, NucNet has correspondents in every country with a nuclear energy programme.The bulk of NucNet's news and information originates from some 400 information suppliers worldwide at:

  • nuclear power stations,
  • other nuclear installations such as nuclear fuel cycle establishments or irradiation centres,
  • research and development centres,
  • utilities, manufacturers and service providers,
  • government ministries, regulatory bodies, and
  • international organisations.

The Central Office in Brussels

At NucNet's Central Office in Brussels or on the spot of events, journalists and researchers analyse available information, verify the facts, and produce news and information bulletins that are sent to subscribers by email. A team of specialists and consultants helps Central Office staff translate original source material, understand the pertinence of source material, and monitor service quality.This makes NucNet a direct source of ready-to-use news material in areas not covered by any other provider - covering safety and security, radiation impact and protection, and the complexities of national and international policies.

Dealing with the Facts Only

NucNet journalists and researchers deal only with information that can be independently verified at source. NucNet does not publish rumours or speculation, nor does it repeat unconfirmed press reports. Editors also distribute accurate information in response to rumours about the nuclear sector that may appear in mass media.

A Unique SMS Alert Service

NucNet offers an SMS alert service - the first of its kind in the industry - which allows editors to send urgent breaking news and information bulletins to subscribers' mobile phones. Whenever a story breaks, network subscribers and media organisations can turn to NucNet for immediate confirmation.

A Reliable Media and Communication Partner

Key international mass media organisations such as Reuters, the BBC, AFP and CNN receive and use NucNet. Central Office works constantly to provide information for print and broadcast media around the world.NucNet is also distributed to nuclear safety authorities, government offices, national alarm centres, embassies, industry groups and legislators.

The NucNet Database

NucNet's database - accessible to subscribers via the Internet - is an indispensable tool for anyone researching the nuclear sector. It is simultaneously updated as reports are transmitted and contains all output since NucNet's on-line service became operative on 7 January 1991.

Subscription to NucNet Gives Members and Subscribers Access to:

  • a worldwide nuclear emergency reporting network,
  • an SMS mobile phone alert service,
  • verified and accurate daily news by e-mail and on the Internet, and
  • an invaluable online nuclear information database.

Members may in addition participate in NucNet's policy, style, and contents making.

Legal Notes:

  • All nuclear news, newsletters, other publication and the content of this Internet site are protected by national and international copyright regulation.
  • The brand name "NucNet" is a registered trademark.
  • The responsibility for the content of this Internet site is with: NucNet a.s.b.l. - an independent non-profit association with its head office in the Kingdom of Belgium at Avenue des Arts 56, 1000 Brussels. The association is registered at the judicial district of Brussels and its VAT number is BE0887.040.353.


President of NucNet a.s.b.l.:
Andre Versteegh, ir. (Netherlands)

Vice-president of Operations of NucNet a.s.b.l.:
Fernando Naredo, ing. (Belgium)

Secretary General of NucNet a.s.b.l.:
Kamen Kraev, M.Sc. (Belgium)
Director of Publication and Editor in Chief:
David Dalton (United Kingdom)
Editor, Researcher and CRM Manager:
Kamen Kraev, M.Sc. (Belgium)
Office Assistant:
Nathalie Foriers (Belgium)
Technical Consultant:
Peter Bucher, Ph.D. (Switzerland)

Data Protection Declaration:

NucNet's Data Protection Declaration
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