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Nuclear Tops Electricity Production In Spain In 2015, Says Foro Nuclear

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14 Jan (NucNet): Spain’s nuclear fleet provided 21.7 percent of the country’s electricity until mid-December 2015, industry group Foro Nuclear said in a statement. As in 2014, nuclear energy had the highest percentage of any power production method, with installed capacity of 7,865 MW, or 7.26 percent of the country’s total, the report said. According to information from the Spanish Nuclear Forum, using data from Spanish electricity network operator Red Eléctrica de España (REE), mainland demand for electric power saw a 1.9 percent increase over 2014, the first positive growth rate since 2010. The total combined installed power capacity in Spain increased slightly by 0.4 percent in 2015, closing the year at 102,613 MW, the statement said. Spain has seven commercially operational reactors. An eighth unit, Santa Maria de Garoña, was shut down in December 2012 with owner Nuclenor blaming a tax on energy production and spent nuclear fuel that would have made Garoña’s operation economically unviable. In May 2014, Nuclenor submitted a request to renew the operating licence after a change in national law allowed nuclear power stations that have shut down for reasons not related to safety to restart. Garoña NPP is waiting for the technical report of the Spanish Regulatory Body (Consejo de Seguridad Nuclear) on the renewal permit for its operation. The Spanish Nuclear Forum press release is online: http://bit.ly/1URIQ20

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