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Kepco Lodges Appeal Against Takahama Shutdowns

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15 Mar (NucNet): Kansai Electric Power Company (Kepco) has appealed a court injunction issued last week to halt operations at its Takahama-3 and -4 nuclear units in Fukui Prefecture, southwest Japan, the company said in a statement yesterday.

The Takahama nuclear station in Fukui Prefecture, southwest Japan.

Kepco said it is “highly regrettable” that the court’s decision was made without taking into account its arguments.

“Since the decision is utterly unacceptable, we have filed an appeal and an objection to the temporary restraining order to Ohtsu District Court today,” the statement said.

The request for an injunction was filed by anti-nuclear groups who said there were doubts about the station’s seismic standards and about new regulatory standards brought in following the March 2011 Fukushima-Daiichi accident.

Kepco said it will make every effort to claim and demonstrate the safety of Takahama Units 3 and 4 in order to have the provisional disposition order cancelled “without delay”.

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