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For Second Year In A Row, Nuclear Industry Sees 10 Reactor Startups, Says IAEA

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26 May (NucNet): For the second year in a row, 10 new nuclear reactors started to generate electricity in 2016, the highest number since the 1980s, according to the 2017 edition of the International Atomic Energy Agency’s Nuclear Power Reactors in the World.

Construction at the Kudankulam nuclear power station in India. Photo courtesy IAEA Image Bank.

The 10 grid connections in 2016 were Changjiang-2, Fangchenggang-2, Fuqing-3, Hongyanhe-4, Ningde-4 (China); Kudankulam-2 (India); Shin-Kori-3 (South Korea); Chasnupp-3 (Pakistan); Novovoronezh 2-1 (Russia); and Watts Bar-2 (US). There were construction starts in 2016 at Fangchenggang-4 and Tianwan-6 in China; and Kanupp-3 in Pakistan.

According to the IAEA, as of 31 December 2016, 448 reactors were in commercial operation worldwide, with a net capacity of 391 GW of electricity, the highest in history.

In the same period, three reactors were permanently shut down and 61 were under construction.

Two reactors – the Monju fast breeder reactor in Japan and Santa Maria de Garoña in Spain – remain in long-term shutdown. Details online: http://bit.ly/2qqfG0A

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