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Target For Last Hanhikivi Design Documentation Is Spring 2018, Says Fennovoima

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26 Jul (NucNet): The last materials that form the design documentationn for the Hanhikivi-1 nuclear unit under construction for Fennovoima in Finland are scheduled to be submitted in spring 2018 with the construction licence issued by the end of 2018, Fennovoima communications officer Anna Tainio said in an email on 25 July 2017.

The Hanhikivi construction site in northern Finland. Photo: Fennovoima.

Ms Tainio said Fennovoima has had problems delivering all of the design documents to the regulator (Stuk) on schedule, but delivery is a constantly ongoing process.

“We are submitting the materials in batches. All-in-all Stuk will review tens of thousands of documents,” Ms Tainio said.

“We cooperate with Stuk on a daily basis and if we can’t deliver some of the documentation on time to Stuk we will provide them with a new estimated schedule for that batch of documents.”

The Helsinki Times had reported earlier this week that Hanhikivi-1 might be delayed if Fennovoima fails to file the design documentation in time and that the company has postponed the filing. But Ms Tainio said “nothing new has happened”.

Hanhikivi-1, in Pyhäjoki, northern Finland, will be a 1,200-MW VVER pressurised water reactor supplied for Fennovoima by Russia’s state nuclear corporation Rosatom. It is scheduled to enter commercial operation in 2024. Preparatory construction work has begun, Fennovoima said.

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