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Spain’s Nuclear Reactors Lead Electricity Generation With More Than 21%

Plant Operation

8 Jan (NucNet): Spain’s seven commercial nuclear reactors produced 55.6 TWh of electricity in 2017, making nuclear the energy source that contributed most to the country’s electric system, the Madrid-based industry group Foro Nuclear said on 8 January 2017.

The vandellos nuclear station in Spain. Photo courtesy Foro Nuclear.

Quoting figures from grid operator Red Eléctrica de España (REE), Foro Nuclear said Spain’s nuclear fleet accounted for 7.06% of installed power generation capacity, but produced 21.17% of the total electric energy consumed. This compares to 21.38% in 2016 and 20.34% in 2015.

Foro Nuclear said nuclear power plants were operational for 7,500 hours during 2017, or 86% of the time, the highest number of hours of any generation source.

Foro Nuclear president Ignacio Araluce said the nuclear sector’s performance “represents the availability, reliability, stability and predictability offered by nuclear energy” as it operates continuously and facilitates the proper management of the electric system.

He said nuclear power plants do not emit contaminating gasses or particles to the atmosphere. In 2017 nuclear production accounted for almost 40% of emissions-free electricity generated in Spain.

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