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Comprehensive Final Testing Underway At Russia’s Leningrad 2-1, Says Rosatom

Plant Operation

9 Aug (NucNet): Comprehensive final testing has begun at the Leningrad 2-1 nuclear power plant under construction in Sosovny Bor on the Gulf of Finland in northwest Russia, state nuclear corporation Rosatom said.

The Leningrad 2-1 nuclear plant in Russia. Photo courtesy Rosatom.

Rosatom said the unit is expected to be operating at continuous 100% power in two weeks.

Testing will confirm the stable operation of the plant’s main and auxiliary equipment and automatic process control systems, Rosatom said.

Once testing is complete Rosatom said it will apply to the regulator Rostekhnadzor to begin commercial operation, scheduled for autumn this year.

Leningrad 2-1 is a Generation III+ VVER-1200/491 nuclear unit with an electrical design net power capacity of 1,085 MW.

Construction began in October 2008 and the plant was connected to the national grid and produced electricity for the first time on 9 March 2018. Construction of a second unit, Leningrad 2-2, started in April 2010.

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