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UK Will Remain Committed To Euratom Research Programme After Brexit, Says Gov’t

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10 Aug (NucNet): The UK fully supports plans to extend Euratom’s research and training programme and remains financially committed to it despite Brexit, the government said in a paper on the country’s participation in the EU’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation project.

The Euratom R&T programme runs for five years with the current programme running between 2014-2018. A 2019-2020 extension is being discussed by the EU and in May 2018 the Council of the EU agreed to the extension in principle.

The UK said the extension is likely to be confirmed once the European Parliament has submitted its opinion in September 2018.

The UK’s withdrawal agreement from the EU will allow for continued UK participation in the Euratom R&T programme, the paper said.

“With regards to our future relationship, the UK wishes to explore association to the 2021-2025 Euratom R&T programme based on the Swiss precedent as part of a wider science and innovation accord.

“The regulation to establish this programme, including the basis for associated state participation, will be agreed and adopted over the next 12 months. Initial discussions on UK participation in the programme have already begun.”

The Euratom R&T programme focuses on two areas: nuclear fission and radiation protection; and fusion research aiming at developing magnetic confinement fusion as an energy source.

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