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Russia’s Leningrad-1 To Shut Down Permanently In December, Says Report

Plant Operation

23 Aug (NucNet): Russia’s Leningrad-1 nuclear power plant, which began commercial operation in November 1974, will be shut down permanently in December 2018, the Interfax news agency said, quoting station director Vladimir Pereguda.

The Leningrad nuclear power station in Russia.

Interfax said the 925-MW light-water cooled, graphite-moderated nuclear reactor (LWGR) will be decommissioned, a process that is scheduled to take about eight years.

Russia is in the process of commissioning two Generation III+ pressurised water reactor units at the Leningrad site, in Sosovny Bor on the Gulf of Finland, to replace Leningrad-1 and three other LWGR units, the last of which began commercial operation in 1981.

State nuclear corporation Rosatom announced earlier this week that comprehensive final testing had been completed on the first of the two new units, Leningrad 2-1.

The second of the new units, Leningrad 2-2, was this week connected to the national grid with the aim of securing a power supply for pre-commissioning tests, Rosatom said.

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