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Energoatom Prepares For South Ukraine-3 Power Uprate To 107%

Plant Operation

3 Dec (NucNet): Ukraine’s state-owned nuclear operator Energoatom is preparing to increase the thermal capacity of the South-Ukrainian-3 nuclear power plant to 107%.

Energoatom said South Ukraine-3, a 950-MW Russia-supplied pressurised water reactor unit, is the only unit in Ukraine whose core is fully loaded with Westinghouse fuel assemblies, which allow for a thermal power uprate without any design modifications.

Westinghouse announced in July that a full core of its TVS-WR fuel had been loaded at South Ukraine-3.

According to the International Atomic Energy Agency, nuclear energy accounted for about 55% of Ukrainian electricity production in 2017, the fourth highest nuclear share in the world. Westinghouse supplies fuel to six of the nation’s 15 commercial reactors.

Ukraine previously sourced much of its fuel from Russia but in 2014 extended its contract with Westinghouse as part of a long-term effort working with the US to reduce fuel dependency on Russia.

The South Ukraine nuclear station has three 950-MW Soviet-era pressurised water reactor units.

Unit 3 began commercial operation in 1987. Energoatom is preparing to extend its operating lifetime 10 years to 40 years.

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