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Why UK Is Banking On SMRs As The Future Of Nuclear

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11 Dec (NucNet): The UK is making significant investment in the development of small modular reactors and, despite challenges, could have its first unit up and running in the early 2030s, a London-based nuclear lawyer said in an article for NucNet.

Vincent Zabielski, a specialist nuclear lawyer at London-based law firm Pillsbury, said SMRs promise to bring nuclear power to the masses, revolutionising the nuclear power industry by making its production increasingly affordable and available to a far wider market.

SMRs are standardised products that are made on a factory production line, rather than bespoke machines that are constructed onsite one at a time. Mr Zabielski said this means mass production will ensure consistency in quality and drive down unit costs, compared to traditional, one-off, and complex large reactor designs.

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