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IAEA Releases Updated Country Profiles For Commercial Nuclear Power Plants

Plant Operation

19 Dec (NucNet): There are 454 commercially operational nuclear power reactors in 30 countries, with 54 units under construction worldwide, the latest edition of the International Atomic Energy Agency’s ‘Country Nuclear Power Profiles’, or CNPP, says.

CNPP says nuclear energy provides about 11% of the world’s electricity and about one-third of overall low-carbon electricity.

The IAEA said the 2018 edition of CNPP, marking 20 years since its inauguration, offers a revamped database with new features, including a more user-friendly interface and a mobile version that is compatible with multiple platforms.

Thirty-seven countries have contributed new or updated information for the 2018 edition.

Country Nuclear Power Profiles is online: https://bit.ly/2Sc8MLe

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