Small Modular Reactors

Saudi Arabia / Agreement Signed With South Korea For SMR Development

By David Dalton
10 January 2020

Joint venture will finalise details of reactor project, licence it and create infrastructure
Agreement Signed With South Korea For SMR Development
A computer-generated image of the Smart nuclear power plant.
The government of South Korea and the King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy in Saudi Arabia have signed an updated agreement to create a joint venture for the construction of a low-power small modular nuclear reactor in the Middle East kingdom.The revised pre-project engineering contract stipulates that Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power, the operator of all nuclear power plants in South Korea, will be the main project executor and participant in the joint venture on the South Korean side. South Korea is already building the Middle East’s first commercial power reactors at the Barakah nuclear station in the United Arab Emirates. There are four South Korean APR1400 units under construction at Barakah.

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