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Interview / Belgium’s Looming Nuclear Phaseout Is Putting Energy Supply At Risk, Says Forum

By David Dalton
18 September 2018

18 Sep (NucNet): There is a risk that Belgium will not be able to guarantee its energy supply following the phaseout of the country’s nuclear reactor fleet, with the deadline for the first shutdowns only four years away and no replacement capacity yet built, the Belgian Nuclear Forum told NucNet.

In an interview with NucNet, the Brussels-based forum, which represents most of the companies and organisations in the country’s nuclear industry, said nuclear generation from Belgium’s seven commercial nuclear power reactors accounts for 50-60% of electricity output. “Clearly, a potential phaseout will be an enormous challenge,” the forum’s Matthias Meersschaert said.

Existing government policy means all seven commercial reactors in Belgium will be shut down between 2022 and 2025.

However, Mr Meersschaert told NucNet there is a possibility that this could yet be changed.

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