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Czech Republic / ČEZ To Use Modified Russian Fuel At Dukovany

By David Dalton
29 July 2019

ČEZ To Use Modified Russian Fuel At Dukovany
The Dukovany nuclear power station. Photo courtesy Tvel/Rosatom.
Russian nuclear fuel company Tvel and Czech national power company ČEZ have signed a contract for the introduction of new RK 3+ fuel at the Dukovany nuclear power station.

According to Tvel, the fuel is a modified version of existing VVER-440 fuel.

The fuel will undergo a number of pre-irradiation tests, the results of which will be used as part of a licence application to use the fuel at Dukovany.

Tvel said the Czech regulator will also consider operational experience using a prototype of the fuel at Unit 4 of the Kola nuclear power station in northwest Russia.

Kola-4 is the same type of VVER V-213 plant as Dokovany and Tvel said the fuel has been used there successfully since 2010.

Alexander Ugryumov, vice-president for research and development at Tvel, said the new fuel will “improve Dukovany’s fuel cycle strategy, safety and economic efficiency”.

The Dukovany nuclear station has four VVER V-213 units which began commercial operation between May 1985 and July 1987.

Tvel said the station generates about 13 billion kWh of electricity a year, providing approximately 20% of power consumed in the Czech Republic.

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