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Pakistan / China-Supplied Kanupp-2 Reactor Synchronised To Grid

By David Dalton
22 March 2021

Hualong One unit could begin commercial operation next month
China-Supplied Kanupp-2 Reactor Synchronised To Grid
File photo of construction at the Kanupp-2 nuclear site in Pakistan. Courtesy CNNC.
The China-supplied Kanupp-2 nuclear power plant under construction in southern Pakistan has been synchronised to the grid with commercial operation scheduled for next month.

Omar Ayub Khan, Pakistan's minister for power, petroleum and natural resources, said in a tweet the reactor was connected to the grid at 21.37pm on 18 March 2021. He said current gross generation was 105 MW.

Earlier this month press reports said the plant – also known as Karachi-2 – had achieved criticality on 28 February.

There are two plants, Kanupp-2 and Kanupp-3, under construction at the Kanupp site. They are the first of China’s indigenous Generation III HPR1000, or Hualong One, reactor design to be built overseas.

Construction of Kanupp-2 began in August 2015 and of Kanupp-3 in May 2016. Kanupp-3 is scheduled for commercial operation in 2022.

Pakistan has five commercial nuclear reactors which in 2019 provided a 6.6% share of its electricity production.

The Hualong One is a three-loop pressurised water reactor. It incorporates elements of China National Nuclear Corporation’s ACP1000 and China General Nuclear’s ACPR1000+ reactor designs.

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