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Iran / Country Working On Project To Deploy Indigenous Reactor, Says Official

By Kamen Kraev
12 May 2022

Russia-supplied Bushehr is Tehran’s sole nuclear plant
Country Working On Project To Deploy Indigenous Reactor, Says Official
In 2019 Iran said it had started construction of a second Russia-supplied unit at Bushehr. A third plant is also in the works.
Iran is working on a project to build a nuclear power plant using domestically developed technology, according to Pejman Jamshidi, deputy head of the Atomic Energy Organisation of Iran (AEOI).

Mr Jamshidi told national news agency Fars that Iran “possesses” a full fuel cycle from uranium mining, though enrichment and fuel manufacturing to spent fuel management.

He also said the country is producing radioisotopes for medical applications domestically and is planning to build in 2024 a large facility both to supply local demand and export.

Last month, AEOI director Mohammad Eslami was quoted by state media as saying that Iran was planning to build a 360-MW nuclear power plant in Darkhovin in the southwest of the country using indigenous reactor technology.

“The project will be an all-Iranian made power plant, which we have included in the development plan along with the research reactors required by the AEOI,” Mr Eslami said at the time.

The AEOI has prepared a strategy for Iran’s nuclear industry for the next 20 years, the official Islamic Republic News Agency said. According to the IRNA, the strategy calls for 10,000 MW of nuclear-powered electricity as well as the construction of the 360 MW Darkhovin reactor.

Iran operates one commercial nuclear reactor, the Russian-built Bushehr-1, which began commercial operation in September 2013. Construction of a second unit at the site began in September 2019, with commercial operation scheduled for 2024.

Reports in January 2021 said Iran had started site work for construction of a third Russia-supplied nuclear power plant a Bushehr.

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