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EDF Identifies 471 Anomalies Linked To Le Creusot Components In 12 Reactors

By David Dalton
15 September 2017

15 Sep (NucNet): State-controlled nuclear operator EDF has identified 471 anomaly reports during the review of 12 reactors equipped with components manufactured in Areva’s Le Creusot forge, EDF said in a progress report on 14 September 2017. EDF's assessment of the findings, which has been submitted to the French nuclear safety authority (ASN), indicate that none of the anomalies are liable to compromise safe operation of the affected components, EDF said. EDF is carrying out a review of manufacturing records related to components manufactured at Areva’s Le Creusot forge. In August 2017 ASN asked EDF to review all the manufacturing files for pressure equipment installed at its operating reactors forged at Le Creusot. ASN said its review of the Le Creusot irregularities would continue until the end of 2018. In April 2017, about 400 irregularities were found in 9,000 fabrication files for both nuclear and non-nuclear components during an Areva quality audit of Le Creusot. About half of the first 400 irregularities examined involved nuclear components. EDF’s latest progress report consists of 12 reports relating to Chooz B-2, Paluel-4, Saint-Laurent B-2, Penly-1, Cruas-3, Dampierre-3, Belleville-2, Tricastin-3, Chinon B-3, Nogent-1, Gravelines-2 and Bugey-3. EDF classified its review finding in three categories: “no deviations”, “non-conformance reports” if related to one of the manufacturer’s standards, and “anomaly reports” if components do not comply with contractually binding or statutory requirements. Up to 14 September 2017, in the 12 summary reports sent to ASN, relating to 309 components, there were 471 anomaly reports and 130 non-conformance reports, EDF said.

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