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Ukraine / Energoatom Considers Westinghouse Fuel For Rovno Reactors

By Kamen Kraev
21 October 2019

Energoatom Considers Westinghouse Fuel For Rovno Reactors
The Rovno nuclear power station in Ukraine. Photo courtesy Wikipedia.
Representatives of Ukrainian nuclear operator Energoatom and US-based Westinghouse Electric Company met today to discuss the possible introduction of Westinghouse-made fuel into Units-1 and -2 of the Rovno nuclear power station in western Ukraine.

Energoatom said the purpose of the meeting was for the Ukrainian team to study foreign experience with the operation of VVER-440 type reactors running on Westinghouse fuel.

The US company used to supply VVER-440 fuel for Finland’s two-unit Loviisa nuclear power station, but in 2009 ceased production of this particular fuel type. In 2014, Westinghouse began examining the option of restarting its VVER-440 fuel production capabilities.

Earlier this year, Westinghouse said it was interested in supplying fuel for Ukraine’s Rovno nuclear station.

Two of Rovno’s four units are of the VVER-440 design. These are the only two units of this design in Ukraine’s entire fleet of 15 commercially operational units. All the rest are VVER-1000 PWRs.

Westinghouse has been supplying VVER-1000 fuel for part of Ukraine’s reactor fleet since a 2014 deal. In 2018, South Ukraine-3 became the first Ukrainian unit to use only Westinghouse-supplied fuel assemblies.

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