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Finland Repository / Foundation Stone Laid For Posiva's Encapsulation Plant At Olkiluoto

By Kamen Kraev
23 September 2019

Foundation Stone Laid For Posiva's Encapsulation Plant At Olkiluoto
An illustration of the encapsulation plant at Olkiluoto. Courtesy Posiva.
Finnish nuclear waste management company Posiva announced it has laid the foundation stone for the encapsulation plant at its planned final deep geologic disposal facility at Olkiluoto, southwest Finland.

According to Posiva's president and chief executive Janne Mokka, the event is an “important step” in the long preparatory phase for the final disposal facility.

“This demonstrates that we are proceeding in accordance with the plan defined already in the 1980s”, Mr Mokka said.

“The laying of the foundation stone is perhaps a small step in terms of worksite progress, but a giant leap for final disposal, nuclear power and climate”, he said.

The cost of building the encapsulation plant onsite and the excavation and equipment of two final disposal tunnels is estimated at about €500m.

The encapsulation plant is where spent nuclear fuel is received, dried and packed into final disposal canisters

In November 2015 Posiva was granted a licence by the government for the construction of the facilities at Olkiluoto. Actual construction work began in June 2019.

Posiva is responsible for the final disposal of used nuclear fuel generated by Teollisuuden Voima Oyj (TVO) at its nuclear station in Olkiluoto and Fortum at its nuclear station in Loviisa. TVO owns 60% of Posiva and Fortum owns 40%.

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