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Finland’s Hanhikivi / Framatome-Siemens Chosen To Supply Project I&C Systems

By Kamen Kraev
2 October 2019

Framatome-Siemens Chosen To Supply Project I&C Systems
A mockup of the Hanhikivi nuclear plant near Pyhäjoki in northern Finland. Photo Courtesy Fennovoima.
Franco-German nuclear equipment consortium Framatome-Siemens has been awarded a contract to supply the main instrumentation and control (I&C) systems for the Hanhikivi-1 nuclear power plant to be built in northern Finland, project owner Fennovoima said.

Fennovoima said that under the contract, Framatome will supply the safety automation systems and Siemens will be the operational I&C systems supplier.

The Finnish company said it was involved in the negotiations between the main contractor Titan-2 of Russia and the Framatome-Siemens consortium because it aimed to ensure the Hanhikivi I&C systems will be supplied by “one of the most recognised companies in the field”.

In June 2017, Fennovima announced the UK-based Rolls-Royce and France-based Schneider Electric had been chosen as the preferred main automation systems suppliers for Hanhikivi-1. However, the company said at the time that the final contract was subject to negotiations.

Hanhikivi-1 will be a Russia-procured 1,200-MW VVER pressurised water reactor. The reference plant for the unit is Leningrad 2 near St Petersburg in Russia.

According to Fennovoima’s website, the total investment cost for Hanhikivi-1 will be between €6.5 and €7bn, which includes initial plant costs, financing and waste management.

Timo Okkonen, chief operating officer at Fennovoima, said the company’s goal is to secure a construction licence from Finnish authorities in 2021.

According to the latest schedule, Fennovima expects Hanhikivi-1 to be ready for startup in 2028.

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