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France Releases Report On ‘Significant Events’ At Civil Nuclear Facilities

By David Dalton
8 March 2018

8 Mar (NucNet): A report made public today by IRSN, the technical arm of French nuclear regulator ASN, shows there were 233 significant events in civil nuclear facilities reported to ASN in 2015 and 218 reported in 2016. The report is published every two years.

IRSN said the numbers remain similar to previous years and suggest that control over day-to-day operations has reached a plateau. Progress will require improvement by operators, IRSN said.

The events, often due to organisational and human factors, do not include incidents at commercial nuclear stations.

None of the events had any significant consequences for workers, the public or the environment, nor did they lead to any major failure in risk control measures applied at the facilities. There were no events classified as Level 2 or higher on the International Nuclear and Radiological Event Scale (INES).

Details online:

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