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China / Fuqing-6 Becomes Second Domestic Hualong One Connected To Grid

By Kamen Kraev
4 January 2022

Two units of same design already operate in China and Pakistan
Fuqing-6 Becomes Second Domestic Hualong One Connected To Grid
The Fuqing-6 nuclear power plant in China has been connected to the grid. Courtesy CNNC
Unit 6 of the Fuqing nuclear power station in Fujian province, southeastern China, was connected to the national grid on 1 January 2022, state-owned China National Nuclear Corporation said.

In December 2021, Fuqing-6 became the second of two demonstration Generation-III Hualong One units at the site to be started up after achieving first criticality.

In January 2021, Fuqing-5, a twin unit, became the first reactor unit of the Hualong One design to begin commercial operation.

The Hualong One, or HPR1000, is an indigenous 1,100 MW, three-loop pressurised water reactor. It incorporates elements of China National Nuclear Corporation’s ACP1000 and China General Nuclear’s ACPR1000+ reactor designs.

There are six units at the Fuqing site – four domestic CNP1000s and two Hualong One units. All are commercially operational except the newest, Fuqing-6.

CNNC said Fuqing-6 is the third Hualong One unit in the world to produce electricity for the grid after Fuqing-5 and Pakistan’s Kanupp-2, which has been online since mid-2021.

According the International Atomic Energy Agency, China has eight other Hualong One units under construction domestically at five sites – two at Zhangzhou, two at Taipingling, two at Fangchenggang, and one each at Changjiang and Sanaocun, also known as Zhejiang Sanao and San’ao.

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