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High Scientific Council / Governments ‘Too Slow’ Implementing Emissions Reduction Measures

By David Dalton
7 October 2019

The Brussels-based advisory body to ENS says it sees no real evidence of change
Governments ‘Too Slow’ Implementing Emissions Reduction Measures
Electricity generation is dominated by fossil fuels with coal and gas responsible for 63% of total production. Coal-fired power plant photo courtesy IEA.
Governments are still much too slow in implementing important measures that are needed to reach vital targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, a group of nuclear experts has said.The European Nuclear Society’s High Scientific Council said in a position paper it was concerned to see that commitments taken by countries as part of the 2015 Paris Agreement will lead to a 3C increase in global temperatures.The Paris Agreement calls for the increase in the global average temperature to be kept well below 2C above pre-industrial levels.

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