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Pakistan / Hot Testing Completed At China-Supplied Kanupp-3

By Kamen Kraev
12 November 2021

Hot Testing Completed At China-Supplied Kanupp-3
The Kanupp nuclear power station, where there are two China-supplied Hualong One reactors. Courtesy CNNC.
Hot functional testing has been completed at the China-supplied Kanupp-3 nuclear power plant under construction in southern Pakistan, China National Nuclear Corporation said.

Hot testing marks the final series of major tests ahead of initial fuel loading and is carried out to verify the operation of reactor components and systems at operating pressures and temperature.

Kanupp-3, also known as Karachi-3, is the second of China’s indigenous Generation III HPR1000, or Hualong One, reactor design to be built overseas.

Kanupp-2 became the first overseas unit of the same design to begin commercial operation in May 2021. Construction took just under six years to complete.

The Hualong One, or HPR1000, is an indigenous, three-loop pressurised water reactor. It incorporates elements of CNNC’s ACP1000 and China General Nuclear’s ACPR1000+ reactor designs.

CNNC said each unit will generate approximately 9 billion kWh of electricity a year, meeting the annual demand of electricity of more than four million households in Pakistan.

According to International Atomic Energy Agency data, there are nine Hualong One units under construction in China and one in commercial operation.

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