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House Of Lords Brexit Report Calls On UK To Negotiate ‘Euratom-Specific’ Transition Period

By David Dalton
29 January 2018

29 Jan (NucNet): A House of Lords committee has called on the UK government to report to Parliament on the possibility of a Euratom-specific transition period separate from the wider Brexit process.

In a report on Brexit published today, the House of Lords EU Energy and Environment Sub-Committee says the UK’s membership of Euratom, the treaty which underpins the nuclear industry and trade in nuclear materials, is “legally distinct” from its EU membership.

The report says that in prime minister Theresa May’s Article 50 notification letter of 29 March 2017 a separate notification was made in respect of the UK’s withdrawal from Euratom. “This suggests that separate transitional arrangements may also be possible, if they are needed in order to risk of a cliff-edge,” the report says.

It says the risk posed to the UK’s energy security if the safeguarding measures currently provided by Euratom are not replaced in time means that there is a distinct need to avoid a cliff-edge in relation to Euratom.

“It is therefore crucial for the government to ensure that contingency arrangements are in place and ready to be activated if required. The government should engage with industry regarding such arrangements as early as possible, in order to reduce commercial uncertainty.”

The report is online:

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