TerraPower CEO Interview / ‘If We Don’t Innovate In Nuclear, Other Countries Will’

By Dan Yurman
17 December 2019

The Bill Gates-backed company is developing two Generation IV reactor designs, but is also carrying out research into materials testing and radioisotope production
‘If We Don’t Innovate In Nuclear, Other Countries Will’
A computer generated mockup of the TerraPower Travelling Wave Reactor. Courtesy TerraPower.
In just a few years TerraPower – the US nuclear company backed by Bill Gates – has transformed itself from developing a single advanced reactor design to becoming a hub of innovation in a number of key areas of nuclear science. It has added to its portfolio projects to manufacture medical isotopes, develop process heat applications and deploy modelling software for use in designing advanced nuclear reactors. In addition to its work on the Travelling Wave Reactor (TWR), the company has also begun, in cooperation with multiple US partners, to develop a molten chloride salt reactor (MCFR).

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