Plant Operation

India / Kakrapar-1 Restarted After Modernisation Work

By David Dalton
22 May 2019

22 May (NucNet): Unit 1 at the Kakrapar nuclear power station in Gujarat state, western India, has been restarted after the completion of work to replace all of the pressurised heavy water reactor’s coolant channel and feeder tubes.

State nuclear operator Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd said the 202-MW unit reached criticality on 19 May and is now in the process of being synchronised to the grid.

The unit was taken off line after a coolant leak caused the reactor to automatically shut down in March 2016. The identical Unit 2 was taken off line in 2015 following a coolant channel leak, and restarted in September 2018.

Kakrapar-1 and -2, both Indian-designed reactors, entered commercial operation in 1993 and 1995 respectively. There are also two 630-MW PHWRs under construction at the site. Kakrapar-3 is expected to be completed this year and Kakrapar-4 in 2020, NPCIL said.

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