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China / Inner Containment Dome Installed At Zhangzhou-2 Hualong Unit

By Kamen Kraev
5 September 2022

Indigenous nuclear plant scheduled for operation in 2025
Inner Containment Dome Installed At Zhangzhou-2 Hualong Unit
Installation has been completed of the inner containment dome at the Zhangzhou-2 nuclear power plant under construction in Fujian province, southeastern China, owner China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) said.

Zhangzhou-2 is a domestic 1,126-MW HPR1000, or Hualong One, pressurised water reactor (PWR). Construction began in September 2020 and the unit is scheduled for commercial operation in 2025.

The steel dome component is part of the reactor building’s hermetic protection system, designed to withstand high external and internal pressures and protect against radiation release.

CNNC said that with the lifting of the containment dome, the Zhangzhou-2 project will now be moving from the construction phase to the installation phase.

The Hualong One is an indigenous, three-loop pressurised water reactor. It incorporates elements of CNNC’s ACP1000 and China General Nuclear’s ACPR1000+ reactor designs.

There is another Hualong One unit under construction at Zhangzhou. First concrete was poured in October 2019 and all major components for its nuclear island were installed before the containment building dome was lifted into place in May 2022.

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