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South Africa / Koeberg Has Made Progress Preparing For LTO, Says IAEA

By David Dalton
17 September 2019

 Koeberg Has Made Progress Preparing For LTO, Says IAEA
The Koeberg nuclear power station in South Africa.
Despite many challenges and delays, the operator of the Koeberg nuclear power station in South Africa has made progress in ageing management activities and preparation for safe long-term operation, the International Atomic Energy Agency said.

The Pre-Salto (Safety Aspects of Long-Term Operation) review team said staff at the two-unit station near Cape Town should be given adequate resources to achieve safe LTO “in a timely manner”.

The team called on operator Eskom, a public utility, to plan and implement impressed current cathodic protection (ICCP) of the reactor containment, including tests with a mock-up to further improve corrosion prevention.

ICCP is used to prevent galvanic corrosion and electrolysis from attacking the containment.

During the 3-11 September mission, the Salto team focused on aspects essential to the safe LTO of both units. The mission was a follow-up to an earlier Pre-Salso mission in 2015.

Koeberg is South Africa’s only commercial nuclear power station. Unit 1 began commercial operation in 1984 and Unit 2 in 1985.

In 2018 the two 930-MW pressurissed water reactor units provided about 4.7% of South Africa’s electricity production.

The IAEA said Eskom is planning to extend operation of the units by 20 years for a total operational lifetime of 60 years each.

The station is currently carrying out a periodic safety review to identify safety improvements for the LTO period.

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