Lithuania’s Ignalina Announces Decommissioning Progress

By Kamen Kraev
21 January 2016

Lithuania’s Ignalina Announces Decommissioning Progress

21 Jan (NucNet): More than 30,000 tonnes of nuclear-related equipment have been dismantled at the Ignalina nuclear power station in Lithuania since decommissioning began in 2010, a statement said. This represents 23.4 percent of the total amount of equipment planned for dismantling by 2038, estimated at about 130,000 tonnes, the statement said. A large part of the dismantled material will be sold out as scrap metal after being tested for radioactive contamination, while the remainder will be stored in a temporary storage facility until transferred to a final depository. The two Soviet RBMK units at Ignalina were shut down in line with requirements for Lithuania’s membership of the EU. Ignalina-1 was shut down in December 2004 and Ignalina-2 in December 2009.

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