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Mexico Nuclear Operator Has Good Basis For LTO, Says IAEA Review

By Kamen Kraev
18 March 2019

18 Mar (NucNet): Mexico’s state-owned CFE (Comisión Federal de Electricidad) has a good basis to effectively manage the long term operation of the two-unit Laguna Verde nuclear power station, an International Atomic Energy Agency Salto (safety aspects of long-term operation) review mission has concluded.

The mission was requested by CFE, which has applied for a 30-year lifetime extension of the two boiling water reactor units at Laguna Verde site on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico.

The 10-member Salto team, whose mission began on 5 March, reviewed preparedness, organisation and programmes related to long term operation (LTO). Salto reviews are based on IAEA safety standards.

According to the team, CFE demonstrated that it is implementing preparations for safe LTO in a timely manner and ageing management and LTO activities already meet many of IAEA’s safety standards.

The team said CFE should perform periodic safety reviews to identify potential safety improvements for LTO, and should demonstrate that adequate processes and documentation are in place for determining the scope for the management of ageing of all active structures, systems and components.

The station management has asked the IAEA to schedule a follow-up Salto mission to Laguna Verde in 2021.

A final reported will be submitted to the Mexican government, the regulatory authority, and the plant management within three months, the IAEA said.

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