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Slovakia / Mochovce-3 Enters Power Commissioning Phase After Successful Startup

By Kamen Kraev
19 January 2023

Russia-designed plant close to grid connection
Mochovce-3 Enters Power Commissioning Phase After Successful Startup
File photo of construction work in the Mochovce-3 reactor hall. Courtesy Slovenske Elektrarne.
Slovak utility Slovenske Elektrarne is to begin power commissioning procedures at the Mochovce-3 pressurised water reactor unit after a successful physical startup earlier this month.

The company said in a statement that the power level of the Russia-designed VVER-440 is expected to be increased to 5% and this will be followed by a round of testing.

The power level will then be gradually increased to 100% of the nominal reactor output and testing will continue at various stages of the process.

According to the statement, once the power level is at 20%, the plant will be connected to the national grid to produce its first electricity.

Mochovce-3, which has an installed capacity of 471 MW, will meet about 13% of Slovakia’s electricity consumption, said Slovenske Elektrarne.

The unit achieved first criticality on 22 October 2022 after fuel loading a month earlier.

Mochnovce-3 is expected to enter full commercial operation at the beginning of 2023, earlier reports said.

Slovakia operates four commercial nuclear reactors – two at Mochovce and two at Bohunice – all of the VVER-440 design. Together the fleet generated about 52% of the country’s electricity in 2021.

Operation of the new Mochovce-3, Slovakia’s fifth unit, could bring the share of nuclear in the country’s electricity generation to 65%, putting it second behind only France, with 69%.

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