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France / Nuclear Can be ‘Pillar’ Of Low-Carbon Transition, Says EDF Executive

By David Dalton
1 August 2019

Plant extensions are ‘effective and economical’, Philippe Sasseigne told French nuclear society SFEN
Nuclear Can be ‘Pillar’ Of Low-Carbon Transition, Says EDF Executive
The two units at Fessenheim, are scheduled to close before their fourth 10-year inspection in 2020. Photo courtesy Florival fr/Wikipedia.
Nuclear energy can support renewables as “the pillar” of any transition to low-carbon energy in France, Philippe Sasseigne, executive director in charge of nuclear and thermal fleet management at state-owned nuclear operator EDF said.In an interview with Paris-based nuclear society SFEN, Mr Sasseigne said extending the operating lifetimes of existing nuclear plants beyond 40 years is “the most effective and economical solution” to supporting the shift to a low-carbon economy.“We are convinced that the complementary nature of nuclear energy and renewable energies is an essential lever for the energy transition,” Mr Sasseigne said.

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