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Spain / Nuclear Continues As Backbone Of Power Generation

By David Dalton
18 January 2023

Fleet consistently generates about 20% of electricity
Nuclear Continues As Backbone Of Power Generation
The Almraz nuclear power station in western Spain. Courtesy CSN.
Spain’s seven operating nuclear reactors generated 20.25% of the country’s electricity in 2022, a slight fall from almost 21% in 2021, according to data from grid operator Red Eléctrica de España analysed by Madrid-based nuclear industry group Foro Nuclear.

According to Foro Nuclear, Spain’s nuclear fleet has about 7,100 MW of installed capacity, or 6.02% of the total, but regularly generates 20% of the nation’s electricity.

In 2022, Spanish nuclear power plants produced 55.9 TWh (net), a 3.6% increase on 2021. Nuclear plants operated for 90% of the hours in the year – a larger number than any other form of power generation.

The Spanish government’s energy and climate plan specifies that installed nuclear capacity will remain at current levels of about 7,100 MW until at least 2025, but will be reduced to just over 3,000 MW from 2030 onwards.

A May 2021 International Energy Agency report said Spain should not rule out nuclear energy as an option beyond 2050 with reactor technology having the potential to contribute to decarbonisation through high-temperature heat supply and hydrogen production.

Foro Nuclear has repeatedly urged the government to reduce what it called the “suffocating” fiscal pressure on the nuclear fleet.

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