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Spain / Nuclear Fleet Operated Safely In 2020, Despite Pandemic

By David Dalton
20 August 2021

Nuclear Fleet Operated Safely In 2020, Despite Pandemic
The Almaraz nuclear power station in Spain. Courtesy CSN.
Spain’s fleet of seven commercial nuclear power plants and other radioactive facilities operated safely and guaranteed the radiological protection of workers, the population and the environment in 2020 despite the Covid-19 pandemic, the country’s nuclear regulator said.

The Nuclear Safety Council (CSN) said in its annual report (Spanish only) to the Congress of Deputies and the Senate, that the implementation of prevention and contingency plans in relation to the pandemic enabled the correct functioning of nuclear facilities.

CSN president Josep Maria Serena i Sender said 2020 had been “an exceptionally difficult year”, but on 14 March, the day Spain declared a pandemic emergency, the organisation began “a rapid digital transformation” that allowed it to continue carrying out its mission, with 85% of its staff working remotely.

Spain has decided to phase out its fleet of commercial nuclear reactors by 2035, but a May 2021 International Energy Agency report warned this might not be straightforward.

The report said the government needs to closely monitor the financial situation of its “excellent” reactor fleet to prevent any unforeseen or sudden final shutdowns that could significantly deteriorate the security of electricity supply.

Foro Nuclear said Spanish nuclear plants are planning on investing around €3bn over the next 10 years to keep reactors running.

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