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Hydrogen / NuScale Says Single SMR Module Can Produce 50 Tonnes A Day

By David Dalton
11 December 2020

NuScale Says Single SMR Module Can Produce 50 Tonnes A Day
A computer-generated image of a NuScale SMR nuclear power plant. Courtesy NuScale.
Updated analysis has found that the recently announced 25% increase in power output of a NuScale small modular reactor means one 77-MW module is capable of producing 2,053 kg/hour of hydrogen, or nearly 50 tonnes a day.

This is an increase from 1,667 kg/hour of hydrogen, or 40 tonnes per day for a a module before the recent increase in power output.

As a result of the lower levelised cost of electricity from the increased power output, hydrogen produced by a NuScale high-temperature steam electrolysis (HTSE) system is forecast to be cost competitive with high capacity factor renewable hydrogen cost estimates while also providing continuous, controlled hydrogen production.

NuScale said the 25% power increase would see the overnight capital cost of its SMR technology fall on a per kilowatt basis from an expected $3,600 to approximately $2,850. The 25% increase in power means a 12-module plant will now approach a size, 924 MW, that makes it a competitor for the gigawatt-size market.

NuScale Power announced the updated evaluations following its recent announcement that a single SMR module can generate an additional 25% power for a total of 77 MW per module (gross), resulting in about 924 MW for a flagship 12-module power plant.

The hydrogen study was originally conducted in 2014 with the Idaho National Laboratory and has been updated with the new production and economic parameters.

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