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Finland / Olkiluoto-1 BWR Sets Production Record For 2019

By David Dalton
2 January 2020

Third unit at nuclear site scheduled for operation in 2021
Olkiluoto-1 BWR Sets Production Record For 2019
The Olkiluoto nuclear power station in Finland. Photo courtesy TVO.
The two-unit Olkiluoto nuclear power station in southwest Finland produced 14.75 TWh of electricity in 2019 with Olkiluoto-1 setting a production record of 7.54 TWh, operator Teollisuuden Voima Oyj said

Electricity production at the two units accounted for about one sixth of the total electricity consumption in Finland.

The combined load factor of the two units was 94.8%, which was the second highest.

Olkiluoto-1 had a load factor of 96.9%. Olkiluoto-2, which produced 7.21 TWh of electricity in 2019, had a load factor of 92.7%.

Olkiluoto-1 is an 880-MW boiling water reactor unit that began commercial operation in October 1979. Olkiluoto-2, an 890-MW BWR, began commercial operation in July 1982.

Finland has four commercial nuclear power plants which, according to the International Atomic Energy Agency, produce about 32% of the country’s electricity. The other two units are at Loviisa in the south of the country.

There is also a Generation III EPR, Olkiluoto-3, under construction. Last month TVO said the project had been further delayed with regular electricity production scheduled for March 2021, eight months later than the last target of July 2020.

Once Olkiluoto-3 is completed, the Olkiluoto station’s three units will provide about one third of the country’s electricity generation, TVO said.

Fennovoima is building the Generation III Hanhkivi-1 in northwestern Finland. The Russian-supplied plant will be a 1,200-MW pressurised water reactor scheduled to begin commercial operation in 2028.

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