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Poland / Country Laying Groundwork For First Nuclear Reactors, Says Energy Minister

By David Dalton
15 May 2019

15 May (NucNet): Poland is laying the groundwork to build its first commercial nuclear power reactors in the Pomerania region in the north of the country, energy minister Krzysztof Tchórzewski told Polish Radio on Tuesday.

Mr Tchórzewski said a nuclear power station’s investment cycle lasts about 10 years, but before that there should be preparatory work that may take a few years. However, much had already been done, the minister said.

“Locations in the northwestern region of Poland have been chosen, for the facility,” he said. The communities living there have been preparing themselves for the construction.”

Poland launched a national nuclear power programme in 2014 which included the construction of up to 6 GW of capacity by 2035, but the government has been delaying a final decision on the programme since taking over in 2015.

A recent draft energy strategy called for construction of Poland’s first nuclear unit by 2033 and another five or six by 2043.

Government sources have said Poland will be aiming at a possible 6% nuclear share in the early to mid-2030s and a 15-20% nuclear share by 2050, although this would depend on the final decision about the nuclear programme and its financing.

The government is hoping to make a final decision on nuclear power in the coming months, but the key to the venture is an agreement on a financing model.

Poland is reluctant to finance the construction of nuclear power stations with debt. Instead, it wants a model based on capital.

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