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South Africa / Policies Needed To Encourage Growth Of Nuclear, Report Indicates

By David Dalton
8 November 2019

Government has said it is interested in small modular reactors
Policies Needed To Encourage Growth Of Nuclear, Report Indicates
Koeberg in South Africa is the only commercial nuclear plant on the African continent.
Electricity generation from nuclear energy is likely to increase only slightly in South Africa by 2040, but could see a bigger jump if policies are enacted to develop the continent’s energy sector, an International Energy Agency report says.The report, Africa Energy Outlook 2019, says those policies would include faster economic expansion accompanied by the full achievement of key sustainable development goals by 2030. Those goals, including full access to electricity, would allow economies to grow “strongly, sustainably and inclusively”, the report says.Under this “Africa Case” scenario nuclear energy’s share of generation in South Africa could grow from around 6% in 2018 to 10% in 2050. Under an alternative “Stated Policies” scenario, based on current and announced policies, nuclear’s share would grow to only 7%.

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