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Poland / Poll Shows 74% Approve Of First Nuclear New-Build Project

By Kamen Kraev
16 December 2021

Ministry says support at record levels
Poll Shows 74% Approve Of First Nuclear New-Build Project
Courtesy Lukas Plewnia/Wikipedia.
An opinion survey has shown that 74% of Poles approve the construction of a nuclear power station in the country, marking record support levels since regular polling began on the matter in 2012, the Polish ministry of climate and the environment said.

The ministry said the poll, which was conducted in November 2021 among 2,148 people, showed that support for new-build grew by 11% points compared to results from one year ago.

The ministry also said that 58% of participants would welcome a nuclear power plant in their immediate neighbourhood, an increase of 12% points compared to the same time last year.

Results from the poll showed that a high majority of Poles sees nuclear power as a low-carbon generation source in the fight against climate change and as means to ensure Poland’s security of energy supply. At 78% for the former and 82% for the latter, the figures were also higher than those in the 2020 survey, the ministry said.

Eighty percent of respondents also said that they had “heard about” the government’s plans to build a nuclear power plants.

Poland wants to build from 6,000 to 9,000 MW of installed nuclear capacity based on proven, large-scale, pressurised water nuclear reactors of the Generation III and III+ design. Commercial operation of a first nuclear reactor unit in a proposed set of six is earmarked for 2033.

The government has not yet chosen the technology type and vendor for the new-build project.

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