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Finland / Posiva Prepares For Nuclear Systems Installation At Onkalo Encapsulation Plant

By Kamen Kraev
9 June 2022

Final geological repository will be world’s first
Posiva Prepares For Nuclear Systems Installation At Onkalo Encapsulation Plant
Posiva has been working for several decades to develop a concept for final disposal and demonstrate long-term safety. Courtesy Posiva.
Finnish nuclear waste management company Posiva announced its encapsulation plant building in Olkiluoto is ready to proceed with the installation of nuclear-related processing systems after construction contractor Skanska Talonrakennus Oy delivered the facility on schedule at the end of May.

The encapsulation plant is part of a €500m final disposal facility, construction of which began in June 2019. The plant is where spent nuclear fuel is received, dried and packed into final disposal copper and cast-iron canisters for final storage.

Posiva said the encapsulation plant will use “unique” nuclear technology which had not seen service anywhere else in the world as of yet.

In the final disposal facility, knowns as Onkalo, spent fuel assemblies will be encapsulated and placed in the bedrock at a depth of about 400 metres. The facility comprises two sections: the above-ground encapsulation plant and the final repository deep in the bedrock, with tunnels in which the spent fuel will be placed.

The encapsulation plant in December 2021, construction was nearing completion. Courtesy Posiva.

In November 2015 the company was granted a licence by the government for the construction of facilities at the site, in the municipality of Eurajoki.

The Onkalo project with its encapsulation plant and the underground repository is proceeding on schedule and industrial final disposal of spent nuclear fuel could start in the mid-2020s, a Posiva spokesperson told NucNet.

Posiva is responsible for the final disposal of used nuclear fuel generated by Teollisuuden Voima Oyj (TVO) at its nuclear station in Olkiluoto and Fortum at its nuclear station in Loviisa. TVO owns 60% of Posiva and Fortum owns 40%.

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