Generation IV / Progress And Status In The Race For Commercialisation

By David Dalton / Dan Yurman
13 February 2020

New reactor types are being developed around the world with backing from governments and private investors, but no one has yet claimed the holy grail of building a working prototype.
Progress And Status In The Race For Commercialisation
California-based Oklo recently received a site use permit to build a demonstration Aurora energy plant on the Idaho National Laboratory site. Image courtesy Oklo.
The need for reliable, low-carbon forms of energy has seen interest in Generation IV nuclear technologies increase. Last month, Finland’s nuclear regulator Stuk became the latest, following the US and the UK and others, to say it wanted to prepare for the licensing and deployment of new reactor types. “Globally, significant investments are being made on the development of small modular reactors and the parties showing interest are not just traditional nuclear power companies – many new organisations, such as cities, municipalities and the process industry have also expressed interest in using SMRs for producing heat and power,” Stuk said.

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