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Ukraine / Regulator Confirms Shelling Of Kharkiv Research Reactor

By David Dalton / Kamen Kraev
7 March 2022

SNRIU says electrical substation was destroyed and main building damaged
Regulator Confirms Shelling Of Kharkiv Research Reactor
Regulator SNRIU posted photographs of damage to the nuclear site.
Shelling by Russian forces of the “Kipt” nuclear research reactor site at the Kharkiv Institute of Physics and Technology in Ukraine destroyed an electrical substation and caused superficial damage to the main building, nuclear regulator SNRIU said.

In an update at 10:00am local time on 7 March, SNRIU said an inspection of the facility had been completed and no additional damage was found. Radiation levels at the site were normal.

SNRIU said the Kharkiv site, north of the city of Kharkiv in northeastern Ukraine, had come under fire on 6 March in an “act of nuclear terrorism”.

It said before the shelling the reactor was about to be started up and had been loaded with a fresh batch of nuclear fuel. Kipt is a light-water experimental reactor designed for the production of medical radioisotopes and materials testing. It is also used for training.

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