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Spain / Regulator Says Nuclear Facilities Operated Safely In 2019

By David Dalton
14 July 2020

Regulator Says Nuclear Facilities Operated Safely In 2019
The single-unit Trillo Is one of Spain’s seven commercial nuclear power plants.
Spain’s nuclear regulator, the Nuclear Safety Council (CSN), has submitted its annual report to the Congress of Deputies and the Senate, saying that nuclear and radioactive facilities in Spain functioned safely in 2019.

CSN said in its report that facilities have operated to high standards, guaranteeing the radiological protection of workers, the population and the environment.

The preparation and submission of the report is required by law.

Madrid-based nuclear industry group Foro Nuclear said the CSN report reflects the positive results of nuclear power plants and the sector as a whole in 2019.

Spain’s fleet of seven commercial nuclear power plants generated 21.43% of the country’s electricity in 2019, making it the leading source of generation, Foro Nuclear said.

Quoting figures from grid operator Red Eléctrica de España, or REE, Foro Nuclear said nuclear accounted for 6.5% of installed power generation capacity but produced more electricity than any other energy technology.

The country’s nuclear plants produced 55.8 TWh net, 4.9% higher than in 2018. Nuclear operated for 90% of the time during 2019, the most of any energy type.

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