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World Energy Council / Report Explores Potential Growth Of Nuclear

By David Dalton
9 September 2019

 Report Explores Potential Growth Of Nuclear
Construction is nearing completion at the UAE’s first nuclear station at Barakah, the report notes.
There is increasing and widespread recognition that nuclear energy will feature in the future global energy mix, but its role will be influenced by a number of factors, a report published on Monday says.The World Energy Council’s World Energy Scenarios report says that in one scenario – based on an “innovative, and globally market-driven world” – nuclear accounts for 8.5% of electricity generation by 2060 compared with 11% in 2015. Installed nuclear generating capacity increases by 52% from 407 GW in 2015 to 620 GW in 2060.Another scenario looks at a world in which more coordinated and sustainable economic growth models emerge with a global aspiration to a low-carbon future.

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